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855 Area Code: Everything You Need To Know

Did you know 86% of US customers trust toll-free numbers that belong to quality groups? A location-based total quantity isn’t always the answer if you want your clients and ability clients to feel comfortable calling your variety. For instance, a San Francisco resident could likely in no way name a New York-based totally smartphone number as it’s beside the point and springs with long-distance call fees.

That’s why you need 855 area code numbers. For those wondering where 855 is located in the USA? Here’s the solution.

The 855 place code numbers are toll-free numbers not tied to any precise region in the USA. When your customers or anyone else calls an 855 variety, the callers don’t need to bear the expenses of the call.

Get a brand new region code, 855 wide variety, or port your existing variety to Community Phone to experience the exceptional calling capabilities, the reliability of a landline with the freedom of wireless, and get right of entry to Read on to learn extra!

What area code is 855?

The 855 area code is location-agnostic, which means that it no longer belongs to a selected region. It is a toll-free number, allowing humans to call you at no charge. As it’s a non-geographic vicinity code prefix, it didn’t prevent your non-neighborhood callers from dialling your quantity again.

Area Code 855 – How to Get One

Follow the stairs below to get an 855 place code in a wide variety of formats:

Step 1: Sign up at Community Phone by visiting their internet site. The fastest way to get this accomplished is to call their business specialists at 866-471-2089.

Step 2: Choose from the various toll-free 855 phone numbers available as you wish.

Step 3: Start your loose trial. That’s it; because the trial has begun, you’ll be able to use the 855 number you picked and take a look at Community Phone’s offerings without being charged during the free trial duration.

Community Phone: The Best Business Phone Service

Community Phone is a wi-fi enterprise cellphone service provider, servicing heaps of businesses in the US. A wi-fi landline means increased geographic freedom, an easy and quick set-up, and network reliability.

Unlike VoIP and copper landlines, Community Phone’s cell landline doesn’t depend upon the net or copper community. Most importantly, Community Phone’s landline remains functional for the duration of energy outages, thanks to the battery-packed base tool (extra beneath).

You can select from a wide variety of local, toll-free, and vanity numbers. You can also create purchaser numbers, test their availability by talking to Community Phone Enterprise specialists, and sign up for those numbers.

How Community Phone’s System Works

The Community Phone landline base connects your enterprise phones to cell towers in your area to ensure uninterrupted coverage and provider. Since the era does not want copper wires or the net to perform, it will increase the reliability of the service even as it reduces threats from hacks and breaches.

The integrated antenna guarantees that it amplifies signal power in rural and coffee-reception areas. Stay in contact with your stop-users for the duration of a power outage with the 12-hour backup battery within the landline base.

Save time and money on set-up with the DIY installation of the Community Phone landline base. Here are the steps to put at the bottom:


  • Plug the landline base you receive from Community Phone into the energy outlet.
  • Plug your phone into the jack that says “Phone” at the landline base station.
  • Power the tool by turning the ON/OFF switch at the back of the base.

As the device boots up, it’ll start a 30-second set-up connecting your landline phone to a nearby smartphone tower. When the bottom lights turn green, you’re ready to use your smartphone to make and receive calls.


Community Phone Features for Businesses

As a versatile and modern-day landline company, Community Phone offers various business-centric capabilities to help the end-consumer enjoy, leading to extra referrals and sales.

Call Routing

Route calls that reach your 855 vicinity code range to the proper person or department with Community Phone’s call routing function. You can programme a couple of telephones in your commercial enterprise to ring simultaneously or for calls to roll over from the first to the second to make sure your crew answers all customer calls.

Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to a cellular phone or any other landline if they can’t be reached inside the office to return a call. The name-forwarding feature ensures that the customer experience isn’t always impacted, notwithstanding challenges, leading to accelerated customer satisfaction and improved business recognition.

Custom Dial Menu

With the custom dial menu feature, you may programme your computerised answering system to direct calls, answer frequently asked questions, or direct calls to voicemail. You can also share a custom greeting or essential statistics with your patrons about your business by uploading a recording for your custom dial menu.

Voice-to-e mail

Ensure you return each missed client name with the voicemail-to-email characteristic. Receiving voice messages as audio files or transcripts can help your personnel respond to them right away, as per priority.

Unlimited Texts

Engage with your stop-users via the limitless text function of Community Phone. You can ship unique messages to your customers on special activities and records for offers and discounts.

Personalize your messages and advertising campaigns with the landline texting characteristic instead of sending bulk, impersonal text messages.

Why Switch to Community Phone?

Here are a few blessings of switching your business carrier to Community Phone:

Unlimited nationwide calling—Community Phone gives limitless calling across the US. Stay in contact with your clients, carriers, and suppliers without demanding payment by the minute anymore.

No contracts or hidden prices—Community Phone no longer levies high device fees or binds you in prolonged and costly contracts. You pay what you sign up for and never have to worry about hidden prices.

Reliable assistance carrier: Speak to an actual representative every time you call to get assistance, not to a few random bots. Your Community Phone Help rep will patiently answer your questions or clear up any problems for you.

Works throughout power outages. Stay in touch with your customers and stakeholders even during a power outage with the 12-hour backup battery from Community Phone.

Cost-effective plans Unlike companies that charge in line with cellphone and net subscriptions, Community Phone is a value-effective solution, supplying plans in your price range that you may tailor to your unique commercial enterprise needs. Talk to their enterprise experts now to get a custom quote.

Quick set-up: Save money and time on the Community Phone DIY landline-base installation method. Plug it into an energy outlet and the telephone, and you’re prepared when you turn on the device.

How 855 vanity numbers differ from 855 numbers

An 855-wide variety is usually a toll-free quantity. In evaluation, an 855 arrogance quantity carries the 855 place code observed by means of a clean-to-recollect sample of numbers or letters. Match the arrogance variety with your area name, decorate your commercial enterprise’s popularity, and stay abreast of opposition with the 855 vanity range.

So, what is the toll-free number 855?

The 855 toll-unfastened numbers handiest comprise random digits after the 855 place code. In this manner, they’re now not as easy to remember or as applicable to your brand as 855 conceit numbers would be.

How Toll-Free Numbers Work Within the US and Canada

A toll-free number means a Canadian caller won’t have to pay to name your agency. But, your business may also need to endure the lengthy-distance costs.

Community Phone has you protected as it offers unlimited neighbourhood and long-distance calling when you get a new region code of 855 from them.

Why Should Businesses Get an 855 Vanity Number?

Here are the top reasons why getting an 855 vanity quantity is suitable for your business:

1. Distinctive

An 855 confidence range stands proud among comparable cellphone numbers, assisting customers—don’t forget your emblem. Pair this with a jingle or a brilliant punch line to ship out diffused marketing messages to grow your sales and referrals.

2. Easy to Remember

Vanity telephone numbers like 1-855-PIZZA are easy to recall. The vanity number facilitates clients recall of your wide variety and eliminates the need to ruffle through mounds of booklets or the net directories to locate your wide variety after they want help.

three. Increased Brand Recognition

A variety of arrogance related to your commercial enterprise will aid in the recognition of your logo.This relevance will help your customers form an opinion about your logo.


Who has an 855 vicinity code?

Unlike normal place codes, 855 is not tied to a particular region and is a toll-free number with a wide variety of options. Having an 855 location code phone variety makes it easier for non-neighborhood customers or potential customers to name your commercial enterprise, as they might now not incur costs for these calls.

Talk to Community Phone commercial enterprise experts at 866-271-4089 to realise how you could get an 855 toll-free or conceitedness range.

Is 855 a toll-free range in the US and Canada?

855 is one of the most commonplace toll-free numbers throughout Canada, the United States, and many other international locations that might be part of the North American Numbering Plan. Residents from these kinds of countries can name an 855-unit quantity for free, as it’s now not tied to a particular town or the United States of America.

Talk to Community Phone commercial enterprise specialists at 866-271-4089 to learn more about approximately 855 toll-free numbers.

Is there a rate for 855 numbers?

As 855 numbers are toll-free, they’re unlocked for your customers to call. But their expenses may also apply to your commercial enterprise. Choose Community Phone to stay in touch with your customers, providers, and suppliers, and have interaction with them thru the unlimited national calling feature.

Talk to Community Phone commercial enterprise experts at 866-271-4089 to sign up for limitless national calling as part of your landline service.

The Bottom Line

855 place code numbers aren’t tied to a particular location, making it simpler for your clients to reach out to you. If you’re looking for an 855 area code variety, Community Phone is your pleasant bet, as it gives 855 toll-free and vanity numbers at economical fees.

Their landline smartphone carrier is ready with many different calling capabilities to take your customer support experience to a brand new level.

Talk to Community Phone Enterprise experts at 866-271-4089 to begin your free trial these days!

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