How to Solve the Problem of Mac Keyboard Double Typing

Many Mac users have reported that several apps frequently enter similar characters when holding any key on their keyboard. Does the same problem also happen to you? To resolve this issue, you have to stop the Mac keyboard double typing.


When you press any key on your Mac keyboard, the same letter is typed again. You might feel as if the third key gets stuck. This might be due to malfunctioning space and other keys. Luckily, Apple has provided the most useful solution to this problem.   


Why Does the Double Typing Issue Happen?


There are Word processors that offer the best word processing for Mac and allow you to complete several glitches, such as a slow computer or typing issues interrupting your work and resulting in inefficiency. You need to check if the keyboard is at fault or if the app is not working.


The double typing problem could be encountered due to several reasons. For example, improper setting of the keys on the keyboard. Inaccurate repeat time may cause repeat letter typing. Any hardware issue may also be a culprit.  


Adjust Repeat Time for Key


If you are using macOS 12 Monterey, adjust the repeat time for keys. For this, access System Preferences by hitting the Apple icon on the screen’s left side. Now, click on Keyboard to get the Keyboard screen. Be sure that the Keyboard option is selected here.


Change the repeat speed for keys by moving the Key Repeat slider. To disable the Repeat, move it to the left. Move the Delay Until Repeat slider to adjust the delay before Key Repeats start. Close the window by pressing Command and W keys or tapping the Close button.


Proper Keyboard Cleaning


If the above trick doesn’t help the double typing problem, there might be a hardware issue. Carefully check if the gap between keys or the keyboard is clean. Any dust, debris, or other tiny objects under or between the keys can affect the keyboard’s functioning.


Be careful while cleaning your keyboard. First, power off your device and then cautiously hold your keyboard down. Carefully press on the bottom and shake the keyboard loose. If you can afford it, use a small keyboard vacuum cleaner. Or, use compressed air.


Try Recovery Mode

macOS Recovery mode facilitates MacBook drive cleaning, reinstalling the operating system, and resolving various Mac problems. You can use this method to determine whether Mac keyboard double typing is a software or hardware-related failure.


Tap the Apple logo and choose Restart. Quickly press the Command and R key combination until you see a rotating globe or an Apple logo. You will see the utility window of Recovery Mode with many options. If characters are still typing twice, the keyboard is the issue.


Try Uninstalling Keyboard Customization


This trick is recommended when you are using keys remapping software or a third-party keyboard customization tool. This is because software can affect the keyboard’s normal functioning. Key remapping or text expansion applications could lead to double typing.


As a solution to this issue, try uninstalling the software. Once you completely and successfully uninstall them, restart your Mac computer. Determine if you are constantly facing double spacing or repeat letter problems. For hardware problems, get your keyboard replaced.


Contact Apple Support


Try to implement all the tips discussed above and if that doesn’t help, contact the professional Apple Support team. You can reach the Apple customer support representative via a live chat or go to their support website. Go to the nearest Apple Store for a keyboard replacement.


The experts will examine the problem and recommend the best possible solution or repair if required. If you have AppleCare Warranty for your Mac, you don’t have to empty your pocket. To check the warranty status, go to the warranty page.    


How to Use Your Mac Keyboard Effectively?

To properly use your Mac keyboard and make it last longer, it is important to take care of that properly. The first initiative you must take is to use the premium quality protective case for your keyboard. A cover helps in preventing dust, damage, and scuff marks on keys.


Avoid eating and drinking while working on your keyboard to avoid food strains. Go for regular and careful cleaning. To have the best typing experience and do everything faster, use keyboard shortcuts.   


The Conclusion


To summarize, double typing or repetitive keys can be extremely frustrating. It not only consumes your time but also affects the workflow. So, try to figure out the cause and then fix the issue with the keyboard cleaning, key setting, or other tips so you can use your MacBook.


Never try to repair the hardware issues by yourself if you don’t have any technical know-how. Doing this can create further damage and also breach the warranty. Having no warranty can prove highly expensive. Feel free to contact Apple support representatives and discuss the situation.

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