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The Best Fashion Tapes To Fix Wardrobe Malfunctions In Seconds

If you need to repair a frayed hem, secure a bra strap, or close a buttonhole but lack the necessary sewing skills or time, high-quality fashion tape can help. Double-sided and skin-friendly, this stylistically encouraged device is simple to apply and can be painted on various fabrics without damaging the material. That being said, knowing how and when to use fashion tape to deal with common clothing issues is essential, so we asked public stylist Stephanie Gisondi-Little of ComposedCo and dresser stylist Taylor Greeley for their expert advice.

How do style tape paintings work?

Most fashion tapes are designed as double-sided, pre-cut, single-use strips. Others come in spool dispensers that allow you to cut as much or as little tape as you want, which is ideal for securing larger swaths of fabric. Both types of fashion tape, according to Gisondi-Little, are appropriate for securing low necklines or gapes, such as “button-down tops across the bust line,” as well as “holding straps in place, particularly tanks in slippery fabrics that have a tendency to slip greater without problems, at the side of the bra straps to the pinnacle itself.”

Before you buy style tape, don’t forget the cloth, as it will almost certainly need mending. Gisondi-Little tells Bustle that style tape works satisfactorily on “lighter weight fabric made of cotton (especially polony), silk, and rayon,” including, “If a fabric has a “drier” experience like those do, it’ll adhere first-class.” Some fashion tapes are robust enough to hold heavier fabrics like denim or wool and paint properly on fabric-to-material fixes like hems. There are even water-resistant fashion tapes that are made especially for securing bathing suit straps.

Now, it’s time to shop for style’s pleasant-stored styling mystery. Scroll directly to the exceptional style tapes on Amazon, consisting of two guidelines from professional stylists.

1Pro Pick: Best Fashion Tape Strips

Hollywood Fashion Secrets FashionTape (three-pack, 36 counts)




See Amazon for more information.

With nearly 2,000 5-megastar ratings on Amazon and the most online popularity on the net and beyond, Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape is the most popular fashion tape available on the market. Measuring 3 inches long, this double-sided tape is the product of Gisondi-Little’s desire, who says, “They are hypoallergenic, invisible, and leave no marks on cloth.” The precut strips make it easy to use, and you can install them in your purse in case of emergency. I suggest preserving a few for your smaller purses. It even holds up after a common style tape mistake: If you forget to take the tape off before tossing clothes in the wash, it may not melt into your clothes. This order comes with three lovely, transportable tins, each containing 36 pre-cut strips.

Reviewer’s comments: “I carry these everywhere! I work in the retail industry and have to do audits of my crew, and they’re perfect for little emergencies like lost buttons, slipping bra straps, ripped hems, blouse gaps, preserving down collars that curl, and I’ve even used them on the traumatic sandal straps that keep slipping down your heel every five steps. I preserve one in my purse, one in my vehicle, and one in my luggage; I might not be without them. I’ve given these to pals, and they all love them—first-rate to have “just in case.”

2Pro Pick: Best Fashion Tape Roll

Braza Flash Tape (2-Pack, 20-Foot Roll)




See Amazon for more information.

The Braza Flash Tape is a pass-to for dresser stylist Taylor Greeley. “It comes in a roll on a traditional tape dispenser; it’s double-sided, and you can easily rip off the amount you need,” Greeley tells Bustle.”I use this to steady bra straps to the interior of shirts, to make a short hem or close regions of clothing that could show too much skin.” She claims that this tape works best on thicker fabrics, such as cotton, because it leaves a sticky residue on more delicate fabrics, such as satin or crepe. The tape itself is on the thinner side; it measures 5/8 inch in width, so it’ll stay invisible in case you select to use it on smaller clothes like bra straps (one Amazon consumer wrote that they used this tape to stabilize a crochet bikini pinnacle). Also, many consumers endorse peeling the tape off earlier than strolling it through the wash. Otherwise, the tape may fuse itself to the material.

“This has saved my life.”. I have a wrap pinnacle that I love, but whenever I move in a certain manner, it might flap open. I used a chunk of this to close the hole, and it labored superbly. Despite the fact that I was cooking and accomplishing a lot, it stayed caught all day, and I disposed of it completely from my shirt afterward without seeing any residue or evidence of the tape.” I prefer to advocate for the use of cloth on fabric.”

The Cult-Favorite Fashion Tape

Vapon Topstick  The Original Men’s Grooming Tape (2-Pack, 50 Count)




See Amazon for more information.

While a toupee tape may appear to be an unusual choice, it is the same tape that held Jennifer Lopez’s well-known Versace get-up in place, and it is one that celeb stylists still swear by. The double-sided tape comes in strips and can be implemented at once on your skin or between fabrics. The scientific-grade adhesive is obvious, water-proof, and strong enough to hold the heavier fabric. This order comes with two packs of fashion tape, each containing 50-person strips measuring 1 through 3 inches.

Helpful Review: “This stuff is a dream for keeping clothing in place.” I’ve always taped my lower blouses to my chest or bra to protect myself from injuries.far superior to ordinary “fashion tape.”

The Best Fashion Tape for Sensitive Skin

Fearless Sensitive Skin Tape (50 counts)



See Amazon for more information.

Although all of the alternatives on this list use a scientific-grade adhesive that’s appropriate to be used on your skin, this double-sided style of tape is specifically designed to be comfortable and non-traumatic on the maximum number of touchy pores and skin types. The residue from the adhesive washes off without problems, though some reviewers mention that because it’s so clean to do away with, the tape doesn’t keep heavier fabrics like wool and denim. Instead, the 1/2-inch by 3-inch strips are ideal for smaller jobs like loose straps or tying down long, skinny fabrics.

“My skin does not react with Fearless sensitive tape. I have used it on many garments and it sticks well.” It has even gone through the washer and dryer a couple of times and still holds. “Even getting warm, sweaty, and wet at an enjoyment park, it held.”

The Best Waterproof Fashion Tape

Braza Swim Companion Flash Tape (20-foot roll)



Finding fashion tape that stays on in the water is a rarity, but this fashion tape is designed particularly for bathing suits, so it’ll stay put even after a swim. The tape is clear, double-sided, scientific-grade, and measures 5/8 inch thick. It comes in a tape dispenser that lets you cut it to the specific length you need. It’s super-sticky, which makes it a little more difficult to apply—a few reviewers report that splitting the tape from its paper overlaying, or perhaps your arms, can be difficult—but most agree that this disadvantage is outweighed by how well the tape works.

A helpful reviewer said, “I went to the seaside last weekend, and I needed to make sure my new suit could handle the pounding surf.” I was determined to give this tape a shot because it claims to be miles water resistant… and IT WORKED!I spent hours in the water and on foot at the seaside, and that stuff stayed on and held in place both on my skin and on my clothes the whole time. ” I didn’t find that I needed to readjust or pull up my pinnacle or anything.”

The Best Bra Replacement Fashion Tape

Risque Boob Tape



If you want to go braless but nonetheless need a few insurance policies, keep in mind this breast tape. Made of breathable, sensitive-skin-safe cotton, those six pre-reduced, unmarried-use strips may be arranged in any way you want over your breasts for insurance and a diffused lifting effect. They’re also seamless, so they’ll stay invisible beneath your pinnacle, and sweat-proof—one customer even wrote that they stayed on during a gymnasium consultation. Note that these best incorporate adhesive on one side of the strip so that they’re not a one-to-one substitute for traditional, double-sided fashion tape; however, they’re equally clean to use, portable, and key for a properly stocked dresser arsenal.

Helpful Review: “Wonderful product! provides wonderful insurance and raises. The light is on all day! Unlike other tapes, this one does not cause any discomfort while casting off.”I will really purchase again!”

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