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What are the Universal Remote Codes for a Sharp TV?

Like any frequent fare, the Sharp TV remotes are painted with codes. If you have a Sharp TV, what are the customary remote codes?

Here are the 3, 4, and 5 digits of the regularly occurring remote codes for Sharp TVs:

S/N Code Digits Universal Remote Codes List 1. 3 digits: 918, 913, 813, 812, 712, 509, 502, 111, 014, 013, 0022. Four digits: 1378, 1375, 1362, 1312, 1311, 1298, 1274, 1157, 1153, 1099, 1097, 1081, 1078, 1077, 1064, 1025, 1011, 1009, 1004, 0386, 0165, 0093, 00393, 12002, 11963, 11892, 11785, 11780, 11641, 11517, 11326, 11204, 10171, 11660, 11314, 10748, 11463, 10463, 12183, 12002, 11963, 11892, 11785, 11780, 11641, 11517, 11326, 11204, 10171, 12049, 11780, 11710, 11660, 11314

However, you have to set up your TV earlier than getting into the frequent remote code. As a result, this article contains all of the information you need to know about Sharp TV’s widely dispersed and remote codes.You also learn how to programme the Sharp TV’s standard remote.Read on for extra statistics.


Sharp TV Brands and Their Universal Remote Codes

Here are the prevalent remote codes for exclusive Sharp TV brands:

S/NSharp TV BrandSharp TV Universal Remote Code 1RCA 1447, 1443, 1437, 1423, 1372, 1357, 1265, 1261, 1196, 1173, 1171, 1122, 1113, 1112, 1111, 1095, 1029, 1026, 1012, 1006, 10042 One-For-All0004, 0006, 0009, 0020, 0063, 0079, 0095, 0122, 0123, 0226, 02663GE0004, 0006, 0009, 0020, 0063, 0079, 0095, 0122, 0123, 0226, 02664Philips0907, 0813, 0603, 0509, 0502, 0228, 0224, 0202, 0111, 00025 Comcast Xfinity 10032, 10036, 10093, 10153, 10165, 10398, 10491, 10851, 10854, 11407, 11756, 118016 Sky0815, 1687, 27047 Magnavox 0028, 0040, 0034, and 00588 Dish Network 129, 128, 108, 107, 106, one zero five, 091, 0269DIRECTTV 10093, 10688, 10689, 10818, 10851

You can use the above codes to programme your precise Sharp TV logo. Find the info beneath.

What You Need to Know About Sharp TV Remotes

Here’s our video for you on the GE Universal Far Flung:



Follow these steps to set up your new accepted remote control for your Sharp TV.

Step 1: Power up your Sharp TV

Step 2: On your far left, press the TV button.


Step three: Press and maintain the Setup button at your normal distance.

You will see the light flash. This is an indication that your normal computer is in learning mode.

Step 4: With reference to the above “universal remote codes for extraordinary Sharp TV brands” table, input the code corresponding to the destination and Sharp TV brand.


Step 5: Direct your typical far-flung gaze towards your Sharp TV and press the power button.

Step 6: Wait for a few seconds until your Sharp TV turns off.

Step 7: Check if your frequent far-flung works together with your Sharp TV.


Step eight: If it does not paint, repeat the identical steps using a unique keycode.

You must also observe that you can use your Sharp TV time-honored and far-flung by the use of code search and additionally without a code.

The Sharp TV universal remote can be programmed using code search

If you find it hard to discover the ideal code, here is how you may set up your commonplace faraway:


Step 1: Power on your Sharp TV.

Step 2: Long-press the Setup button on your conventional remote.

Step 3: Enter the three-digit, well-known faraway code 991


Step four: Press and hold the power button in your typical far-flung fashion.

Step 5: Press the Channel Up (CH+) button until your Sharp TV flips off.

Once your tool is turned off, you could take a look to see if the established remote works with your Sharp TV.


Program your Sharp TV universal remote without a code

You can also programme your frequently far-flung channels into your Sharp TV using the automobile seek method. For example, the Sharp TV scans the remote codes until the precise code is found.

Here are the stairs that you may use to set it up:

Step 1: Power up your Sharp TV.


Step 2: Take the conventional far-flung you need to pair with the Sharp TV and press the DVD/TV/CBL and OK/SEL buttons in your widely-spread far-flung for three seconds.

When you notice a LED mild, you will be positive that your widespread far flung is prepared to program.

Step three: Point your widespread, far-flung antenna directly at the Sharp TV.


Step four: Press the time-honored remote’s CH- and CH+ buttons.

Step five: Continue pressing the Down and Up buttons urgently till your Sharp TV turns off.

Step 6: After it has been turned off, press the ON button on your regular remote.


Step 7: After turning on your Sharp TV, check to see if it responds to normal fare.

Connecting a familiar far off on your Sharp TV will enable you to use the popular far off in emergencies. For instance, while your authentic Sharp TV remote isn’t functioning or working efficiently,

If you don’t have a remote, don’t worry! You can nonetheless use a Sharp TV with different devices, including an iPhone!



Like any accepted fare, the Sharp TV remotes are painted with codes. We wish you were enlightened about the established three-, four-, and five-digit codes to apply to your Sharp TV. Your Sharp TV will come with the popular remote when programmed successfully.

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