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What Does The Red Light Flashing On Your Samsung TV Mean? (how to solve)

Is your Samsung TV’s purple light flashing, and you’re not sure why? Find out the reasons why and a way to restore it in this useful FAQ guide.

If you’ve been given a Samsung TV with a pink light flashing, you might be wondering what it means and why it’s on..

There are lots of reasons why your Samsung TV may be having difficulty, from the simple to the more complex. In this article, I’ll be discussing some beneficial data that will allow you to fix that annoying purple light on your Samsung TV.

What to do? A Brief Explanation Replace the HDMI cable. A defective HDMI cable can cause trouble inside your TV as it will bog down the signal transmission to the TV. Replace the present-day HDMI cable with a new one. Reboot the TV. Rebooting your TV is a completely common and popular repair. It can restore any minor software programme errors and system defects that may be causing problems. Try Another Power Outlet If the power outlet is broken or isn’t always giving sufficient energy to the TV, then the TV won’t work. Try unplugging the TV from your contemporary energy outlet and connecting it to every other one. Recharge the remote’s batteries. Some people have claimed that recharging their far-flung batteries solved the issue for them, so there’s no harm in trying this for yourself.

A table describing approximately a way to repair the mild pink flashing on Samsung TV

What Does The Red Flashing Light Mean?

How to restore the crimson light blinking trouble on the Samsung TV instance picture

Red lights have by no means been an amazing sign in digital gadgets and home equipment. For years, pink lights have been a nightmare for tech system proprietors, as they often imply that the tool has been damaged or is now not working.

Well, a flashing pink light means that your TV has a glitch, software programme problems, or a hardware difficulty.

If your Samsung TV is displaying a flashing red light, there are a few possible reasons for that, including:

  • The power source might have been interrupted, inflicting a power outage. If this happens, try plugging your TV back into the outlet to see if it activates again.
  • It could also imply that something is meddling with the wireless connection from the television’s far-flung control to its mainframe—as an example, a hand-held smartphone or cordless phone.

Why does it happen?

Blinking lighting fixtures are a signal of an extreme problem with the device, and without solving it quickly, a few malfunctions could persist or worsen over time.

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There are numerous possible motives for what is probably going on when the energy indicator on your TV begins blinking. The hassle can be:

The power delivery has been interrupted.

The primary reason for the flashing pink light is an interruption within the power delivery system.This interruption is regularly the result of swollen or blown capacitors.

Capacitors are a very crucial part of TVs as they store and release energy. If they receive bizarre voltage, then they can swell and cause your TV to no longer work properly.

A software programme update is being completed.

Another reason a purple light can begin flashing on your Samsung TV is if a software update is initiated. 

A software programme replacement is essential to keep your TV updated so it may use present-day functions.

If your TV is set to automatically download the latest updates, it’s going to carry out a software update mechanically. The crimson light will hold to blink until your TV’s software programme is completed.

Vertical synchronisation failure

It’s caused by photos with excessive brightness. That said, it’s far superior to equalise the display screen brightness of your Samsung TV.

Poor electricity flow

There may be extraordinary motives for awful strength glide, but the most common and not unusual ones are:

  • A broken energy cord: A damaged electricity cord can also be the motive.
  • The electricity supply in your private home or construction siteIf there isn’t sufficient electricity supply in your property.
  • Wall outlet: Sometimes, the issue isn’t with the TV but with the outlet the TV is plugged into. The wall outlet you’re using to plug in your TV may also have been broken.
  • LED backlight strips: Most LED TVs use backlight LED strips for backlighting to make the photos seem brighter, sharper, and clearer. If these again-strip LEDs fuse out, then your TV starts flashing a mild pink.

How do I fix it?

Use a new HDMI cable.

HDMI cable

A broken HDMI cable can bog down the transmission of facts and signals between your outside tool and the TV. It can also cause other troubles, so it’s very likely that the purple light blinking issue may be due to a damaged HDMI cable.

So you should purchase a new HDMI cable and replace your antique one with it, then spot if the trouble still exists or has been solved. If it still exists, then you may try these different fixes.

Turn the TV off and on.

Rebooting a device is the only and most effective repair. It can clear up most of the minor issues and bugs with the device.

You should do it before attempting any complex answer or sizeable troubleshooting method.

Try Another Power Outlet

If the energy outlet is broken or isn’t giving enough electricity to the TV, then the TV won’t work. So you should try unplugging the TV from your modern power outlet and connecting it to some other one.

Recharge the Remote’s Batteries

Some human beings have claimed that recharging their faraway batteries solved the difficulty for them.

So before you strive for something else, consisting of sending the TV for repair or replacing it, you can strive for recharging the remote’s batteries as a remaining measure and notice if that works.

A Samsung TV

If all else fails, contact Samsung.

If none of those steps work, then you may try contacting Samsung customer support.

You ought to give an explanation for your problem to a Samsung consultant. They will first run you through some commonplace troubleshooting techniques that could assist in solving the issue.

You can contact Samsung through their website or via e-mail.

Samsung also provides a one-year warranty on its televisions.


A video on how to restore the mild purple blinking on Samsung TV


How lengthy is the existence of a Samsung TV?

Samsung TVs can last up to 7 years when used to their complete potential, including being stored at their highest brightness and being on all the time.

What are the reasons a Samsung TV does not activate?

A Samsung TV won’t turn on if there’s a problem with the cable, hardware, or plug.

How many loose channels do you get with a Samsung smart TV?

Samsung TV has over 200 live channels.

Samsung TVs come with what apps?

You can get access to your favourite video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Vudu.

Is it really worth it to repair a TV?

If the fix is too pricey and your TV is already breaking down, it’s encouraged to shop for a more recent model alternatively. The secret is to invest in a great and reliable brand that could resist the test of time.

If you find yourself repairing your TV a lot, then it may be better to just upgrade instead of shelling out cash for maintenance.

Will Samsung update my faulty TV?

Samsung has a fashionable 3-year warranty duration for clients to get their TVs repaired or replaced.

The Samsung TV gadgets and their components are protected through this guarantee. However, you need to make sure that you procure your Samsung TV from an authorised distributor.

You also need to gift proof of the disorder to Samsung employees to claim the guarantee.


  • The purple light on your Samsung TV might be flashing for many reasons.
  • If the energy cord you are using to connect your TV to the plug is broken, then this trouble could take place.
  • Another cause could be that the port your TV is connected to is probably damaged or perhaps giving low voltage.
  • Another very common reason is that a software update was completed for your TV. This problem can occur if your TV has been set to update new software automatically.
  • Luckily, there are a number of fixes you can try to clear up this problem. Firstly, you could try rebooting your TV. Rebooting your TV can repair minor problems.
  • Try the usage of a brand new HDMI cable.
  • If none of the fixes listed in this text work, then try contacting Samsung Assist, and they’ll help remedy your problem.


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